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Beautiful Blue and White Floral Paisley Face Mask If you’re looking for blue face masks with pretty decorative patterns on them, you’ve come to the right place! In this article I’ll be featuring some of my favorite picks of the most beautiful blue face masks I’ve found on Zazzle.

You can use the following links to jump ahead to the type of pattern you’re looking for:

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Solid Color Plain Blue Face Masks

Plain Basic Simple Solid Light Blue Face MaskSolid light Green blue pastel mint Face MaskPastel baby blue solid color face mask

Personalized Steel Grey Blue Face Mask CoverCustomizable custom Personal name Classic Blue Cloth Face Mask face CoveringCustomized Teal Turquoise Face Mask in basic simple plaih one color

– – –

Blue Ombre Color Gradient Face Masks

Modern Cool Turquoise & Aqua Blue Ombre Face Mask

Ombre Dark Blue Face MaskColor Gradient Fading Blue turquoise Teal Fade Ombre Cloth Face MaskOmbre Lilac Purple & Turquoise Blue Face Mask

Light Blue Gold Mermaid fish scale Pattern Face Mask

– – –

Cool Abstract Blue Face Mask designs

Dark Blue Abstract marbled marble Stormy Cool Face MaskBlue Watercolor Chic Arty Face MaskTropical Coastal Aqua Blue Turquoise Blue Water Cloth Face Mask

Modern abstract watercolor navy blue tie dye cloth face maskModern abstract watercolor teal blue tie dye face maskCool groovy funky Blue And White Tie dye Cloth Face Mask

– – –

Fine Art inspired Face Mask designs

famous paintings Vincent Van Gogh Blossoming Almond Tree Floral Art Cloth Face Mask

Blue And Golden Yellow Van Gogh Sun and Sky Face Maskfine art Irises by Van Gogh Art artist Painting Face MaskBright Light Blue Van Gogh Swirls swirly sky Face Mask

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Blue Polka Dot pattern Face Masks

Sky Blue Hand-Drawn Modern Dot Pattern Cloth Face Mask

light Blue Polka Dot Face MaskNavy Blue and White Random Dot Confetti Pattern Cloth Face MaskBlue and White Polka Dot Face Mask

– – –

Blue Stripes Pattern Face Masks

Covid-19 Pink Blue pastel stripes Face MaskStriped Ombre Blue & Purple Cloth Face MaskNavy Blue and White Stripe Pattern Face Mask

Blue Zig Zag Chevron Stripe pattern face masks:

Pastel Mint Blue and White Chevron Face MaskBlue Chevron Zigzag pattern Face MaskChevron navy blue and white zig zag pattern Face Mask

– – –

Blue Plaid & Tartan Face Masks

Navy Blue & Grey Plaid Face MaskDark Blue and Black Tartan Plaid Pattern Cloth Face MaskMacKay Blue Tartan Plaid Scottish Pattern Face Mask

– – –

Faux Blue Glitter Face Masks

These are not made of actual sparkly glitter but a graphic print that makes it look like the fabric is made of glittery sparkles.

beach aqua blue Glitter Mermaid inspired Sparkly Face MaskPink, Blue & Purple Glitter stylish Face MaskAqua light Blue Glitter Face Mask

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Personalized Face Masks

With these you can personalize the text with your personal name to create a custom customized blue face mask that’s unique to you. You can actually add text on Zazzle to ANY item or face mask – so technically all the face masks listed here are also personalizable and customizable.

personalized personal own name Blue Face MaskCustomized custom name blue typography face maskSky Blue Personalized Name Face Mask

– – –

Blue Floral Face Masks

pretty Blue and White Floral Mandala Covid 19 Face Mask for girls and women

Blue Floral flower pattern Face Mask with pink and blue flowersNavy Japanese flower pattern floral dark blue Face MaskBoho Blue Pastel Floral Pattern Face Mask

Elegant stylish Blue Acanthus Leaf Pattern floral Face Mask title=Cute Blue And White Floral Daisy flower Face Maskgirly flowery Pattern For Her Blue tiny flowers Floral Face Mask

Floral Blue and White China Roses Flower Face Mask

– – –

Blue Quatrefoil Face Masks

Turquoise Quatrefoil Tiles teal Blue Face MaskQuatrefoil pattern Navy Blue Face MaskMoroccan Trellis, Latticework Blue Gray White Moroccan lattice tiled Face Mask

– – –

Blue Damask Face Masks

Vintage Damask mint Face MaskGothic Goth lace Light Sky Blue and Black Damask Face MaskBlue Damask Feminine Face Mask

– – –

Blue Tribal Face Masks

Purple and Blue Ethnic Aztec Tribal Face MaskBoho Blue Tribal Pattern Cloth Face MaskTribal Design Ethnic Blue Stripes Unisex Fashion Face Mask

– – –

Blue Animal themed Face Masks

Gorgeous Blue and White Lace Cats & Flowers Cat Face Mask

Boho turquoise blue ombre watercolor elephants face maskDog Paws, Traces, Animal Paws, Hearts - Blue White Face MaskBlue and White Dog Pawprint Face Mask

Cartoon Cat pattern on blue Face MaskFunny animals light blue cartoon Penguins Face MaskCute Blue Shark Face Mask

Cute Pink cartoon Elephant Pattern on baby blue Face Mask

– – –

Blue Animal print Face Masks

Animal Print, Zebra Stripes, Leopard Spots - Blue Cloth Face MaskBlue Leopard Spots cheetah Animal Print Pattern Face Mask title=Animal Print white and blue Snow Leopard Pattern Face Mask

– – –

Blue Camo face masks

Blue Camo Print Camouflage pattern Face Mask

Night Camo dark blue camouflage pattern Face MaskBlue Camo pattern Face MaskDark Blue Camo Pattern Camouflage print Cloth Face Mask

– – –

Other patterns for blue face masks

Dark Navy Blue Japanese Wave Pattern Face Mask

sea sailing ocean theme Blue Anchor pattern Nautical Face MaskNavy Blue and White Stars Pattern Face MaskGalaxy Stars Cosmic Outer Space Universe Blue Face Mask

Blue Ocean Underwater SeaHorses sea creature & ocean themed Face MaskHawaii Sea Turtle Hawaiian Aloha Blue Face MaskBold Rainbow Navy Blue Pattern Face Mask title=

Pink Purple Blue Mexican Talavera Mosaic pattern Face MaskWhite and Blue anchor pattern sea nautical Face MaskBlue Cross pattern shades of blues crosses Cloth Face Mask

Chic Green Blue Marble stylish Face Mask

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This is just a small selection from the abundance of blue face mask designs available on Zazzle. Click through any of the links above to get to Zazzle and you can use their search bar to find more patterns that are what you are looking for. ^_^

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As usual, please note that the above links contain my affiliate link so that I may receive a small commission if any item is purchased from Zazzle via my referral.

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