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May 21st, 2012 by

cuteness tied up in a bow

If you’ve seen my articles about bow rings and what to wear with them, you may already know that I really love bows and think that they add a pretty, feminine and cute touch to any outfit. Bow backpacks do just the same thing!

Here are a selection of adorable bow backpacks I found on Apart from the Hello Kitty backpacks, all of these are Belvah backpacks.

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Polka Dot & Bow Backpacks

Black bag with blue & black polka dot ribbon bow backpack    Black & White Polka dot backpack with black bow

    Black and White spotted backpack with hot pink bow     black and pink polka dot bow backpack

Black colorful polka dots rucksack with black bow & hot pink trim     Black backpack with pink, green, yellow & white dots and black bow

Hot Pink and Lime Green polka dot backpack with pink ribbon     Hot pink and colorful polka dots, with pink bow backpack

    Hot Pink Quilted pattern with lime green polka dot bow backpack                 Red quilted bag with polka dot ribbon

Hot pink quilted backpack with black and pink polka dotted bow     Black & black and white polka dot ribbon bow backpack

. . .

Damask pattern & Bow Backpacks

Pale Pink & black damask with black bow backpack     Black and Baby Blue damask pattern with black bow bag

. . .

Floral pattern & Bow Backpacks

Pink Floral Pattern with Black bow backpack

. . .

Black & White Houndstooth pattern bow backpacks

Black and White houndstooth pattern backpack with red ribbon bow     Black and White Houndstooth pattern and black bow backpack

. . .

Hello Kitty bow backpacks

White Hello Kitty Backpack with Red Bow     Nerdy / Hipster Hello Kitty Backpack with Red bow

There are also lots more cute Hello Kitty backpacks out there but perhaps those are for a different article

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For more cute backpacks for girls, check out these selection:
Heart backpacks
Floral backpacks

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  1. Posted on August 5th, 2012 @ 12:53 | Gill said:

    I’s too bad these aren’t big enough for a highschooler because they are super cute ):

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