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When I was a child, Minnie Mouse was one of my favorite Disney characters of all time. I remember I used to have a number of Minnie goodies decorating my wardrobe and room long before iphone cases were around! These days you can also get cute Minne Mouse iphone cases and there is a huge selection of them out there!

Here is a selection of some of them:

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Vintage Minnie Mouse iphone cases

iPhone 4S / 4G / 4 Black and White Minnie Mouse Disney TPU Protector Cover Case - Includes TWO Bonus Personal Charm Straps! classic minnie mouse black and white pattern with red hearts disney iphone case

Vintage Disney Minnie's Kitchen Minnie Mouse iPhone case Vintage Minnie Mouse iPhone 4 Case Classic Minnie Mouse iphone Case For The iPhone 4

Yellow and white striped Classic Minnie Mouse iPhone 4 Case Cover Blue Classic Vintage Minnie Mouse Disney Minnie iphone Case For The iPhone 4 Vintage Minnie Mouse iPhone case

. . .

Modern Cartoon Minnie Mouse iphone cases

Red and White Minnie Mouse iphone case Red and White Cute Minnie Mouse iPhone 4 Case Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Disney iphone Case For The iPhone 4

Disney Red White and yellow polka dot Minnie Mouse iPhone 4 Cover Red striped Minnie Mouse autographer Flower Frame Disney iPhone case Red and White Minnie Mouse iphone Case For The iPhone 4

Disney Minnie Mouse Hard Cover Case iPhone 3G 3GS Cute Disney Minnie Mouse Flexible TPU SKIN Protector Case Cover (Cute Minnie with Polka Dots!!) for Apple iPhone 4S / 4G / 4 (Fits any carrier AT&T, VERIZON AND SPRINT) + Free WirelessGeeks247 Metallic Detachable Touch Screen STYLUS PEN with Anti Dust Plug iPhone 4S Minnie Mouse Face Case Disney Protector Case for Apple iPhone 4 and 4S

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Kawaii Anime Style Minnie Mouse iphone cases

Cute Kawaii Anime style Minnie Mouse Cartoon iPhone case

On a related note, I also found this adorable anime-style Mickey and Minnie mouse iphone charm! So cute!!

Minnie Mouse Kissing With Mickey Mouse Photo Italian Charm

. . .

Cute Baby Minnie Mouse iphone cases

Baby Minnie Mouse iPhone Case Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Soft Case for I Phone 5

. . .

3D Minnie Mouse iphone cases made of silicone

Disney Minnie Mouse Hide and Seek Silicone Case for iPhone 4 Deco Fairy Branded 3D Cute Cartoon Mouse Soft Silicone Case Cover Minnie Mouse iphone 4 and 4s Thick Silicone Hard Gel TPU Back Case Cover milk plus deco fairy branded LCD screen protector

. . .

Silhouette Minnie iphone cases

Rose Pink Apple iPhone 4 4S Hard Case Cover Minnie Mouse with Bow T & J HUT Minnie Mouse Rhinestone Iphone 4 / Iphone 4s Case

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For more Minnie mouse iphone cases on Amazon.com, click here

For Minnie Mouse iphone cases on Amazon.co.uk, click here

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