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If you’re looking for a great theme for a pre-wedding celebration, how about a beach themed bridal shower? When it’s winter, a beach bridal shower can be a fun theme for a party, bringing memories of summery good times and vacations, and when it’s summer, the beach theme fits perfectly with that time of year too!

To plan the shower, you’ll need beach bridal shower invitations and related stationery, and I’ve scoured Zazzle to find some of the prettiest ones out there!

These were my top 10 favorite beach bridal shower invitations:

. . .

1. Beach & Sea-shell themed wedding cake Bridal Shower Invitations

Seashells and nautical wedding cake beach bridal shower invitations

NB To remove the sample text, click the orange “customize it” button, and where it says “sample text” in the right hand collumn, click “change text” to personalize it or the “X” to delete the text altogether.

Possible matching envelopes:

Starfish Summer Blue Envelopes Starfish Couple Beach themed bridal shower invitation Envelopes Starfish Light Blue Nautical bridal shower Envelope

Possible matching stamps:

Love on the beach Customized bridal shower or wedding postage stamp Bridal Shower Shell and Daisy beach themed Postage Stamp

(The words on the stamps are personalizable)

. . .

2. Classy and elegant starfish beach bridal shower invitations:

Front & back view:
White Simple Classy and Elegant Starfish Beach Bridal Shower Invitations Starfish Beach Bridal Shower Invitation

Matching envelopes, sticker envelope seals and stamps for this invitation:

Starfish Beach Themed Bridal Shower Envelope Starfish Beach Bridal Shower Invitation Stamps Postage

Starfish Bridal Shower Invite Stickers Starfish Heart Beach Bridal Shower Invitation Sticker With Wedding Names and Date Starfish Bridal Shower Invitation envelope seal sticker with Wedding Name and Date

. . .

3. Purple & Pink Seahorse Beach Bridal Shower Invitation set

Purple Damask Sea Horse Beach Bridal Shower Invite

You can match these shower invitations with these enevelopes, envelope sticker seals and stamps:

Purple Damask Sea Horse Beach Bridal Wedding Shower Invitation Envelope Sea Horse & Starfish Purple Bridal Shower Stickers seals for envelopes

Cute Purple Starfish Beach themed bridal shower invitation RSVP Stamp Sea Horse Couple Purple Beach Bridal Shower Invitation Postage Stamp

. . .

4. Blue seahorse nautical bridal shower invites

Blue Beach Sea Horse Summer Bridal Shower Invites

Possible matching stamps, envelopes and sticker seals for these bridal shower invitations:

BridalHeaven Cute Beach Theme Bridal Shower RSVP Postage stamps Jewel Damask Blue Sea Horse Beach Bridal Shower Invite Envelope

Aqua Damask Sea Horse Summer Wedding Save the Date Square Stickers Cute Teal Starfish Beach Wedding Save the Date Round Sticker BridalHeaven Cute Beach Wedding Invitation Sticker

. . .

5. Orange and Yellow Sea shells Beach Bridal Shower Invitation

Sea Shell & Starfish Summer Beach Bridal Shower Invite Yellow and Orange Beach Bridal Shower Invitation

Matching stationery and postage stamps for sending out these invitations:

Beach Shell & Sea Horse Couple Wedding A7 Envelope Cute Damask Sea Shell Beach Bridal Shower Stamp Bridal Shower envelope seals - Yellow and orange Beach Bridal Shower Theme

NB To get the bridal shower envelope seal with these words, you’ll need to click the “customize it” button, change the text and play around with the layout of the words a bit.

. . .

6. Pastel Blue and White starfish ocean themed bridal shower invitations

Front & back view:
White Starfish Bridal Shower Invitations Star fish nautical bridal shower invitation

Matching envelopes:

Starfish Summer Blue Envelopes White Sea Stars, Addressed A6 Envelope Two Starfish, A7 Return Address Template Envelope

Matching stamps and envelope seals would be similar to those in Invitation set #2 above.

. . .

7. Stylish White and Golden Orange Starfish bridal shower invitations

Starfish Pair Shower/Party Invitation

Also available in other colors:

Starfish Pair Shower/Party Invitation Starfish Pair Shower/Party Invitation Starfish Pair Shower/Party Invitation

These would go well in a plain white envelope and with a matching starfish stamp:

Starfish Pair Wedding Monogram Postage Starfish Pair Wedding Monogram Postage Starfish Pair Wedding Monogram Postage

Remember you can always personalize the text by clicking the “customize it” button.

. . .

8. Cream and hot pink sand dollar art beach themed bridal shower invites

Sand Dollar Art Bridal Shower Invitations

Matching envelopes:

Pastel Sand Dollar Art Envelopes Pastel Sand Dollar Art Beach Wedding Envelopes

Matching stamps:

Starfish Beach Bridal Shower Golden Glow Postage Pink and Gray Starfish Postage Starfish Beach Bridal Shower Pink Postage

. . .

9. Grunge chic Blue Damask and Starfish Sea themed bridal shower invites

Dancing Starfish Ocean Blue Summer Bridal Shower Invitation

Matching envelope and stamps:

Jewel Damask Blue Sea Horse Wedding SquareEnvelope Sea Horse & Jeweled Damask Wedding RSVP Stamps BridalHeaven Starfish Beach Wedding Invitation Stamp

. . .

10. Aqua teal & white seahorse ocean theme bridal shower invitations

Seahorse Seashell Bridal Shower Invitations

Matching envelopes and stamps:

Seahorse Square Return Address Template Envelope Blue Seahorse Couple Beach Bridal Shower Postage Aqua Blue Seahorse Couple Wedding Postage Stamps

. . .

Important note:
Make sure the envelopes you choose match the size of the invitations. If the ones linked to here are a different size from the size you need, click the orange “customize it” button below the picture of the envelope, then click “2. Choose your paper type and color” on the right side of the page, and choose the enevelope style and size that you need.

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  1. Posted on June 7th, 2012 @ 09:33 | Pam said:

    What a nice looking page that should be very helpful for the beach bride and her bridesmaids in planning a shower. You have gathered some lovely stationery here and I am honored to have mine included. Thank you.

  2. Posted on June 7th, 2012 @ 16:05 | Caro* said:

    C’est super mignon comme invitation, j’aime beaucoup le concept ;)

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