Butterfly Light Switch Covers

July 15th, 2012 by

When it comes to decorating girls bedrooms, it’s those little details and unique touches which can really make a room feel special. One such unique touch can be in the light switch covers. Up until recenetly, I didn’t realize you *could* get such a wide variety of light switches, but since joining a new design company and designing covers for them myself, I now realize just how many varieties are out there!

For a girl’s bedroom, butterfly light switch covers can be a cute touch. Here are some great ones that are out there on Amazon.com:

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Cute Butterfly Single Light switch covers

pink butterfly light switch cover

. . .

girly purple and pink butterfly light switch cover adorable pink and purple ladybugs and butterflies light switch cover

. . .

contemporary and trendy bright pink butterfly light switch covers pink kids room butterfly light switch cover

. . .

adorable girls room butterfly light switch cover trendy stylish and contemporary pastel orange butterfly light switch cover

. . .

teen girl butterfly light switch cover for girls bedroom purple and lilac tiled butterfly pattern light switch cover

. . .

Double Light Switch Covers

retro purple butterfly light switch cover cool contemporary stylish and trendy girls butterflies and floral light switch cover

green girls bedroom butterfly dream double light switch cover pink and beige Believe butterfly double light switch cover for girls bedroom decor

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