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Every year as the weather starts to cool in autumn and winter, it can be a good idea to get the dog jumpers out of the closet for your walks with your pet.

If you’re in the UK and are looking to buy new dog jumpers for your pooch, a good place to find them is on and also on and

This article has picked out some of the cutest dog jumpers out there and arranged them for you for easy browsing by colour and type.

Red Dog Jumpers

red and white striped dog jumperred polka dot dog sweater

red dog jumpers - Hamish McBeth Red Sleeping Dog Pyjamas Fleece Jumper Size 4 (40cm) Dog Jumper - traditional sweater for dogs in red. Classic turtleneck (polo neck) sweater front leg sleeves. Size Large 46 - 53 cm. Ideal for Springer and Staffy sized dogs.

red stripe dog jumpers

Red Doodle Heart dog jumper / t-shirt Red Heart Dog Tshirt

Cute Ladybird Doggie T Shirt Diva lipstick kiss Lips Doggie Shirt

Pink Dog Jumpers

Cute and girly pink dog jumpers:

cute pink snowflake dog jumper pink polka dot dog jumper

Floral pink dog jumpers
cute and girly dark pink dog jumper with flower decoration Puchi Pretty Pink Flower Dog Jumper - Small

Sweet Stripes and pink Roses / flowers girly floral Doggie Shirt Summer Flowers Dove Pet Clothing


Pink argyle dog jumpers

UrbanPup Pink Argyle Sweater extra-Small 20cm UrbanPup Pink & Black Argyle Knitted Sweater (X-Large - Dog Body Length: 16 inch / 40cm)

. . .

Pink Moustache dog t-shirts

Red Tartan Moustache Dog Clothes

Orange Dog Jumpers

orange dog jumper orange dog sweater coat

Yellow Dog Jumpers

yellow Aran dog jumper sweater striped knitted white and yellow doggy warm clothing

neon yellow dog jumper Yellow Orange Hand Knitted Dog Jumper Size XS

girly and cute girl dog yellow clothes with teddy bear

Green Dog Jumpers

Pet Apparel - White and Green Stripe Dog Hoodie Jumper Designer Pet Clothes Pistachio Green Doggie Aran Jumper Sweater

Green Christmas elf Dog Jumper Christmassy green dog sweater pet clothing

Green Fleece Knit Jumper with roll neck 10 inch

Blue Dog Jumpers

Plain light blue dog jumpers

Puchi Turquoise Blue knitted Cable Dog Jumper - Medium Blue Turtleneck Dog Jumper Classic Aran Knit

. . .

Plain dark blue dog jumpers

blue dog jumpers Ancol Cable Knit Dog Sweater in navy Blue Blue Polar Fleece Jumper / Coats for Dogs with Velco down the back for easy fitting. Jack Russell 12.5 inch

. . .

Patterned blue dog jumpers

Argyle blue dog jumpers
argyle blue dog jumper navy blue and pink argyle dog jumper

Striped blue dog jumpers
colorful stripe blue dog jumper dark blue stripe dog jumper pet clothing

Union Jack British Flag Dog Jumper
Union Jack British Flag Dog Jumpers

Purple Dog Jumpers

Violet purple Turtleneck Dog Jumper - Classical Aran Knitted pet clothing cute lilac purple dog sweater jersey

purple cartoon dog doggy jumper Blue Purple Nautical Tribal Anchor Pet Clothes

. . .

Grey dog jumpers

Hamish McBeth Silver Grey Moon Dog Pyjamas Fleece Jumper Size 3 (35cm) UrbanPup Balmoral Wool grey dog Sweater (Large - Dog Body Length: 14 inches / 35cm)

Diva chic cute Animal print dog jumpers

For fashionable dogs (and dog owners!) who like animal print, are these cute animal print dog jumpers:

leopard print dog jumper sweater - cheetah animal pattern animal print dog jumper for diva fashionable dogs

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