Stylish Flower Paintings by Pamela Gladding

June 9th, 2012 by

Every day I enjoy finding a new talented individual who creates beautiful things. Today, I discovered the artist Pamela Gladding who creates stylish flower paintings amongst other beautiful paintings.

Here is a selection of my favorite floral paintings by her:

Flower art: Pink tulip with stylish black damask - art print poster
Stylish Floral painting: Damask Tulip IV
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I think that this hot pink tulip painting would look beautiful in a girl’s bedroom with a contemporary white, black and pink color scheme!

. . .

Flower art: Contemporary Yellow flowers and damask painting - art print poster wall decor
Flower art: Contemporary yellow flowers and damask – “Colori Yellow I”
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This yellow flower painting would look so pretty in a cream color schemed room, whether a bedroom, lounge or even dining room. I love the feel that the swirls give to this picture. It really adds movement and interest to the painting!

. . .

Contemporary decorative Red tulip painting with damask - art print poster wall art
Flower art print: Decorative Red tulip painting with damask
“Etude en Rouge II”
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For some reason this painting reminds me of the fashionable “lady in red” with strong red lipstick and and striking red dress. Bold, strong and beautiful.

. . .

Delicate magnolia pink flower painting with bird - art print poster wall decor
Delicate pink flower painting with bird – “Magnolia Collage I”
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The soft pink of the magnolia flowers here feels very feminine and girly to me and the whole painting exudes a feeling of serene peacefulness and subdued joy.

. . .

Antique feel blue flower painting - poster art print wall decor
Antique feel blue flower painting – “Chelsea Blue I”
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. . .

Vintage feel Purple flower painting art print poster for wall decor
Vintage feel Purple floral painting: “Study in Purple II”
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You can find more of Pamela Gladding’s art in art print and poster form at and also at

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