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Sometimes it can be tricky to find cute girly desk accessories and office supplies. I’ve gone on a mission to find some of the prettiest desk accessories and office supplies for girls that I could find to decorate and beautify work spaces, girly style! Here they are:

. . .

Girly pen holders

These girly shoe pen holders are originally made to function as make-up brush holders, but I think they can double as unusual girly desk accessory if you use them as a pen and pencil holders too!

Girly desk accessories: pink shoe shaped pen holder Black strappy high heeled Shoe make-up brush holder or girly pen holder

Girls desk organization: pink shoe pen holder Unique office supplies design: Stiletto shoe pen, pencil and brush holder for women

. . .

Girly tape dispensers

Carrying on the shoe theme, check out these cool shoe tape dispensers! (follow link)

. . .

Girly business card rolodex files

For working girly girls, this Rolodex Pink Metal Rotary Business Card File can be a handy girly desk accessory.

Girly desk accessories: Pink Rolodex business card rotary file

. . .

File cabinet alternative: Storage boxes

To keep all those documents, notes, letters, cards and loose pieces of paper organized, a storage file box like this one can be great! You can put it on your desk or even store it in the closet or on a shelf. You don’t event have to use it for the office. Large storage boxes like this one can even fit textbooks and photo albums.

Girly desk accessories: black and white damask paper file storage box

Alternatively, you could always also use a magazine file box:

Black and White Damask Magazine File box

. . .

Girly office supplies: Cute dividers for binders & folders

Sometimes the simplest things give me a little bit of joy, and pretty file dividers are one of those things! It just brightens my day to see them!

Girly Floral Pink & Purple Tab Dividers with Retro Flower Design Girly office supplies: Colorful binder dividers with floral and girly patterns: Wilson Jones WorkStyle Erasable-Tab Index Dividers

Girly desk accessories: pink, green & brown patterned binder dividers

If you just want to highlight a particular page rather than a section, you can also get cute clip tags:

cute pink clip tags to help you organize your notes and documents

. . .

Girly post-its and sticky notes

An alternative to clip tags are sticky notes.

There’s an array of cute heart post-its for you to see if you click the pink link.

You can also get lots of other cute shaped post-it notes and sticky notes, like floral sticky notes or star post-its. Here are a few of them:

Cool design: Daisy flower forget me notes - sticky notes Yellow Star shaped post its or sticky notes

Yellow & Orange Flower Sticky notes / Post-its Assorted shaped postits: pink heart, yellow flower and green speech bubble

. . .

Girly post-it dispensers

Check out this selection of cute post-it dispensers for girls by clicking the pink text link.

. . .

Girly office supplies: Paper clips

Silver paper clips are so mundane! No girly girls desk could be complete without a set of pink paper clips!

Girly Hot pink paper clips Girly office supplies: pink paper clips Girly & Cool design pale pink round spiral paper clips

You can also get some pretty cute binder clips:

Animal print binder clips: zebra, tiger & leopard print Colorful metallic binder clips - gold, pink, green & blue

Girly office supplies: Stylish black and white fashion bulldog / binder clips - stripes, polka dots and houndstooth Girly desk supplies: Blue and white floral medium sized binder clips

. . .

Girly desk accessory: Paper clip holder / Pin holder

This pink porcupine paper clip holder looks like a spiny porcupine when you magnetically attach your paper clips to it! If you’re into sewing and crafting it also doubles as a cute needle and pin holder! And it can also function as a paper weight too!

Pink Porcupine Paper clip holder or cute needle & pin holder as a sewing or crafting gift

A more floral alternative is this funky flower paper clip holder:

Desk daisy: Magnetic Flower paper clip holder

. . .

Girly mousepads

I’ve written a separate article showing a gallery of our favorite girly mousepads. Click on the following link to see that article: Cute Mousepads

. . .

Girly paper weights

Talking of porcupine paperweights, this is another neat girly paperweight option for your desk; a pink crystal gemstone-esque paperweight:

girly pink crystal / diamond / gemstone paperweight

. . .

Girly hole punchers

Did you know you can get a pink hole paper punch?

Girly work supplies: pink hole punch

. . .

Girly letter openers

If you’re like me, you keep a letter opener on your desk, and this is the cutest letter opener I’ve seen! I think it kind of looks like a shooting star!

Girly desk accessories: Silver star letter opener

. . .

Girly staplers

Check out this pink stapler, together with pink staples!

. . .

Cute sharpeners

Every desk needs a sharpener and these adorable sharpeners were my favorites!

Cute kawaii bunny rabbit pencil sharpener

Cute mushroom toadstool pencil sharpener

. . .

Girly erasers

And finally, here are some cute girly eraser options for your desk:

Colorful girly erasers Cute kawaii Dessert scented erasers - ice cream, cookies and more!

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