Glow in the Dark Bedding

September 2nd, 2014 by

If you’re looking for cool bedding and fun bedroom decor ideas, glow in the dark bedding seems to me to be a good road to go down! I didn’t even know this existed until today. Isn’t it a cool idea? I thought so! :)

I found these neat girly glow-in-the-dark bedding sets on made by a company called Veratex:

Veratex girly glow in the dark Queen-size bedding

glow in the dark bedding with pink star theme

Here’s a picture of a detail from this pink and purple bedding set that’s made by the Veratex Bedding Collection:
girly glow in the dark bedding

* * *

Lilac purple bedding with white glow in the dark star pattern

Veratex also makes this more subdued, 2-color glow in the dark bedding set where the white star pattern glows in the dark.

purple glow in the dark bedding for girls bedrooms

This lavender colored starry bedding is also available in aqua blue:

Blue star pattern glow in the dark bedding for girls bedroom decor

According to the Amazon reviews, it seems the stars glow softly enough to be comfortable to sleep with. Literally sleeping under the stars! I think it’s a really unusual and cute idea!

* * *

Another bed accessory that’s glow in the dark is this starry canopy by a company called Momosa, that kind of reminds me of princess beds:

glow in the dark stars on bed princess canopy net netting

* * *

Room decor accessories that go with glow in the dark bedding:

You can always accessorize a room that has glow in the dark bedding by sticking some glowing stars on the ceiling and walls. There are quite a few different brands to choose from but here are some I found on

For UK visitors, although I haven’t found glow in the dark bedding on, you can get some glow in the dark stars stickers on there. Here’s a link to that for you:

Glow in the Dark Star stickers on

* * *

For more accessorizing here are a few more fun bedroom decor products that suit the star theme:


Star themed light switch covers


* * *

Other Star-themed accessories

Here are a few more star-themed bedroom products including wall stickers, night lights and fairy lights that give a girly, starry feel.


* * *


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