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Mustaches are well-loved as a whimsical, funny design. Traditionally they are inherently masculine but they can also be made to be cute and girly! The following girly mustache iphone cases show just that!

NB The iphone cases below are from Zazzle and the models displayed are for the iphone 5 though if you use the search bar in Zazzle you’ll likely be able to find versions of the same designs for previous iphone models too.

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Cute and Girly Floral Mustache iphone cases

Funny Girly Colorful Pattern Mustache iPhone case Pretty Floral Vintage Mustache iPhone Case

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Colorful patterned mustache iphone cases

Personalized cute and girly pastel multicolor Mustache iPhone Case Trendy mustache pattern with cute mustaches iPhone cover Rainbow Mustache pattern on white iPhone 5 Case

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Hearts and Mustaches iphone cases

Trendy black mustache pattern with pink hearts mustache iPhone cases I Love Mustaches iPhone 5 Case

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Cute and Kawaii Cartoon Characters with Mustaches iphone cases

Mustache Narwhal iPhone 5 Case Cute Banana Phone iPhone 5 Covers Kawaii Mustache Octopus iPhone 5 Covers

Cute Milk Mustache iPhone 5 Cases Kawaii Pink Mustache Smiley iPhone 5 Cases Cute Ice Cream with Mustache iPhone 5 Covers

Cute Mustache Cupcake iPhone 5 Cover Highly Cultured iPhone 5 Case funny MOOstache mustache cow iPhone 5 Case

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Stars and Mustaches iphone cases

Trendy black mustache pattern with pink stars iPhone 5 case Black mustache and grey red stars fun personalized iPhone 5 cover

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Pink and girly Mustache iphone cases

Funny pink moustache, monocle kiss & french oulala iPhone 5 cases Juan Direction Mustache iPhone 5 Cover Mustache mustaches pattern funny pink iPhone4 case iPhone 5 Cases

Funny Girly Vintage Pink Floral Mustache iPhone 5 Covers Funny Hot Pink Girly Polka Dots Mustache iPhone 5 Covers Pink Handlebar Mustache Keep Calm iPhone 5 Case

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