Pink Bakeware

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Pink Baking

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Pink kitchens can look retro or modern, but they always look cute and girly! And as you’re baking your cakes and cupcakes, what better way to fill a pink kitchen than with pink bakeware?

(If you don’t have a pink kitchen, do not despair! Pink bakeware can go with other color schemed kitchens too! ^_^)

Here are a few pink baking aids for a girly girl’s kitchen:

. . .

Pink aprons

First thing’s first: before we start delving into actual baking, it’s time to don your apron. You can check out some of my favorite ones here: Pink aprons

Ok, now we can get started with the bakeware!

. . .

Pink jars and canisters

It’s great to have flour and sugar canisters that match your pink kitchen decor. You can get several cute pink canisters on Amazon and on Zazzle. Here is a selection of pink jars that I loved:

Shabby Chic Flour and Sugar Canisters / Jars for pink kitchens girly jars: rose floral flour and sugar kitchen canisters

Pink kitchen accessories: Pink zigzag / chevron pattern canisters for flour and sugar Girly pink gingham pattern and apples flour and sugar jars

Girly English Roses floral kitchen canister Sweet Vintage floral Flower pattern kitchen canisters

Pink and White Polka dot canisters for your pink kitchen Striped white and pink jars / canisters for your pink kitchen Pink canister for girly girls pink kitchen decor

. . .

Pink Measuring equipment

Once you’ve got your flour and sugar out, you’ll need measuring equipment. Yep! Even these come in pink!

Pink measuring spoons and cups:

Pink measuring tools: cups and spoonsPink Cupcake measuring cups Girly kitchenware: Measuring cup and spoon set

Pink kitchen equipment: pink weighing scales

. . .

Pink Mixing Bowls

Once you have all your ingredients measured out, you want to put them in a mixing bowl. Something like this:

Pink kitchen accessories: Pink mixing bowls

. . .

Pink Mixers

You probably will need to mix your dough well, and there are pink mixers for that!

Pink Kitchen appliances: Baby Pink Mixer Pink kitchen accessories: Pink mixer blade

Although it’s probably not its intended function, some people use pink food processors for mixing:

Pink food processor Pink kitchen appliances: Bubblegum pink food processor

or pink hand mixers:

Pink kitchen appliances: Retro pink hand mixer Pink kitchen appliances: 1950s style pink handmixer

or even going old school and just using muscle power:

Silicon Pink mixing spoon

. . .

Pink Baking utensils

Once your mixture is well mixed, you’ll need to scrape it out of the mixing bowl with something like a pink spatula:

Pink kitchen utensils: Pale pink spatula Pink kitchen utensils: Pink spatulas utensils Pink cupcake spatula

. . .

Pink Bakeware

And where will you be scraping the dough into? Pink bakeware of course! That or some other cute shaped cake or muffin tin. Here are some of my favorites:

. . .

Cute Cake pans:

Pink bakeware: rectangular pink loaf tin Pink bakeware: Round bunt cake pink cake pan Cute bakeware: Oreo cookie shaped cake pan

Girly cakes: Daisy flower cake pan Cute girly cake pans: Butterfly cake pan Cute cakepans: Kawaii Hello Kitty Cake pan

Cute cake pans: Star shaped cake pan Romantic cake pans: Heart cake pan Romantic cakes: Rose cake pan

. . .

Cute cupcake and muffin pans:

Pink bakeware: Daisies and roses: Flower shaped cupcake pan Girly bakeware: Heart cupcake / muffin pan Girly cupcakes: Flower muffin / cupcake pan baking tray

. . .

Pink oven mitts:

Once your cake or cupcakes are ready you can take them out of the oven using your cute oven mitts:

Pink oven mitts with pretty white damask pattern Cute cupcake oven mitts by Jessie Steele

. . .

Pink Trivet:

And put the hot cake pan on a cute trivet:

Girly kitchen accessories: Pink floral trivet Pink and blue flower pattern trivet Pink kitchenware: Colorful arty trivet

Cute cherry pattern pink trivet Pale pink trivet Hot pink trivet

. . .

Decorating kits:

Once they have cooled a little you can get to work decorating your baked masterpieces:

Cake decorating kit Cake and cupcake decorating set Fancy icing patterns Cake decorating kit

butterfly cake and cupcake decoration Pansy flower cake and cupcake decorations

. . .

Cake and cupcake display plates:

Finally, you can put your baked goods on display in a pretty cake plate or tiered cupcake stand.

Stylish and elegant Pink cake plate with glass dome Tiered Cupcake Stand

. . .

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