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If like me, you have been a viewer and fan of the enchanting Charlie McDonnell and other musical youtubers, you may have found yourself landing up with one of these:

Pink Ukulele
(Click the picture to find it on or click here to find it on

That’s certainly what happened to me! I’ve always loved the idea of playing more musical instruments than just the piano, so when I saw Charlie strumming a (what I thought at the time to be) a cute tiny guitar, I thought to myself: “That looks like fun!”. A quick google search uncovered that it was actually called a ukulele rather than a “cute tiny guitar”, and armed with this knowledge, I went on Amazon, found this cute pink ukulele for a bargain price of around $30 and couldn’t resist the purchase. I’m really glad I did buy it too because it doesn’t just *look* like fun, it really is fun and easy to learn to play.

Now that I’ve been playing for over a year, I feel like I’ve got the hang of it and I feel like it may be time to move the next step up: a pink guitar!

A guitar has more strings than a ukulele, usually harder strings too which are slightly tougher to press down, and since my future pink guitar will be bigger, your hands need to stretch out more into slightly more awkward angles in order to play chords… but I think I’m up for the challenge!

So today I was browsing through the girls guitars and guitar accessories they have available on Amazon, looking to see which ones I’d like to make a home for. I have pretty small hands so I was thinking that a small or kids guitar may be ok for me to start on.

Here are the candidates:

– – –

Girly guitar candidates:


Hot Pink Guitar (USA)(UK)     ::     Pastel Pink Guitar by Daisy Rock (USA) (UK)

Hot Pink Acoustic Guitar by Lauren Acoustic Pastel Baby Pink Guitar by Daisy Rock

Pink guitar with decoration (USA) (UK)     ::     Glitter & Sparkles Pink Guitar (USA) (UK)

Pink Guitar with White and Gold Decoration by Johnson   Glitter & Sparkles Pink Guitar

– – –


This is the only purple guitar I could find on I think it’s cute!

Girls Lilac Purple Acoustic Guitar

There are a few more varieties on

– – –


   Hot Pink electric guitar (USA)         ::         Baby pink electric guitar (USA) (UK)

White & Hot Pink Electric Guitar Pastel Baby Pale Light Pink Electric Guitar for Girly Girls

    Barcelona kid series
hot pink electric guitar (USA)
(UK)         ::     Glitter & Sparkles Pink Electric Guitar

Barcelona kids series pink electric guitar for girly girls Glitter & Sparkles Hot Pink Electric Guitar for girly girls

– – –

Girly Girl Pink Guitar accessories


Pastel rainbow & pink guitar strap     ::     Girls Baby pink guitar strap

Pastel rainbow & pink guitar strap         girly girls light pale baby pink guitar strap

Bubblegum pink guitar strap by Perri’s     ::     Floral guitar strap

bubblegum pink guitar strap for girly girls     floral white and pink guitar strap with purple spots for girly girls

– – –

Both these are 0.71mm

Pink guitar pick set (USA) (UK)             ::             Purple & pink Guitar Picks (USA) (UK)

Pink Guitar Picks aka Pink Plectrums by Daisy Rock     Pink & Purple Guitar Picks by Dunlop Delrin for girly girls

– – –


Which do you think I should get? I’m leaning towards the glitter & sparkles pink acoustic guitar with floral guitar strap and purple & pink plectrums!

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