Learning to Dance Ballroom

May 18th, 2012 by

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Ever since the TV program Dancing with the Stars started being screened (or as it’s known in the UK, Strictly Come Dancing), a little seed was planted in me that thought: “That looks like fun!” Seeing the girls whirling around so gracefully and smoothly across the dance floor, dressed with the most beautiful clothes I’ve seen in a long time really made me want to have a go at this art of dance too. I shared this desire with my best friend who was also a fan of the show and we resolved to learn to dance ballroom together.

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Shortly after making the resolution we went to a class together, but came away a bit disillusioned. Although it was a beginner’s class, everyone there seemed to know a lot more than us and we felt a bit like we had a tough time keeping up. Not only that, but since there were about 10 girls more than boys, it meant that as dance partners were rotated to let everyone have a go with a partner, I kept having to wait around until there was a free partner to dance with! In the end I think I spent more time in the lesson waiting for a partner than actually dancing. Suffice it to say, we didn’t particularly want to go back the following week. But the desire to learn was still there.

Last month it was my friend’s birthday and as I was considering which birthday presents to get him, our resolution to learn to dance popped into my mind, and suddenly I knew what I’d get him: A ballroom dancing DVD so that we could both learn to dance together at our own pace! (more…)

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