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tribal iphone cases

In the past year, tribal designs (sometimes called after particular tribal peoples such as “aztec patterns”) have gained in popularity, making themselves seen in many clothing stores and finding their way onto various products on high streets around the world.

These attractive geometric patterns can also be found decorating iphone cases and this article will present some of the most enchanting tribal iphone case designs available.

I have searched through the wonderful site Zazzle to find the tribal and aztec iphone cases shown below and most are iphone 5 cases. If you’re looking for another model case, click on the image you like and use the search bar to find that design for the model you are looking for.

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Warm hues tribal iphone cases
This includes tribal iphone case designs that predominantly use the red, orange, yellow and brown color schemes.

Andes Tribal iPhone Case Tribal aztec chevron zig zag stripes chic pattern iPhone 5 case Bright Red Triangles and Lines Tribal beats iPhone 5 case

Andes Teal Pink Pastel Abstract Aztec Pattern iPhone 5 Case Hand-drawn yellow pink and turquoise Exotic Tribal iPhone 5 Cover Red and Green Exotic Vacation Geometric Pattern iPhone 5 Case

Yellow Brown Pink and Turquoise Tribal pattern iPhone case Girly Purple and Pink Tribal aztec iPhone 5 case Soft and girly pastel colorful Arizona Dreams Aztec Zigzag Stripes iPhone 5 Cases

Pink Aztec Tribal Andes Pattern iPhone 5 Covers Brown Tribal ethnic pattern iPhone 5 case Brown pink yellow green and blue Tribal Trends iPhone 5 Cases

Orange and blue Tribal Fashion iPhone 5 Case Girly Tribal Pattern iPhone 5 Cases

. . .

Cool hues tribal iphone cases
These are the tribal and aztec iphone case designs that mostly use blue, green and white color schemes.

Andes Blue Tribal iPhone Cases Bright Turquoise Neon Light Blue and white Tribal iPhone Case Blue Tribal beats aztec iPhone 5 case

Teal Blue Funky lines and triangles geometric pattern iPhone 5 cases Pastel turquoise blue and pink Aztec Andes Pattern iPhone Case Andes Pattern Purple and Blue Bright Aztec iPhone 4 Case

Tribal Ikat iPhone 5 Cases Turquoise Tribal Pattern iPhone 5 Case-Mate Case Bright Blue and purple tribal pattern iPhone 5 Case

Blue tribal pattern iPhone case Teal Blue Green Tribal Indian Tribal pattern iPhone 5 Case Girly blue and white circles and lines geometric Tribal Dance iPhone 5 Cases

Pink green and blue Navajo Tribal Chic iPhone 5 Covers blue green and orange Tribal Chic Peacock Feathers and Fish iPhone 5 Case Blue and yellow Tribal Fashion iPhone 5 Case

. . .

Rainbow tribal iphone cases
These are those tribal iphone cases which make use of so many colors that they didn’t really fall into either “warm” or “cool” hue categories:

Arty Colorful and Groovy Abstract Tribal iPhone 5 Case by Case-Mate iPhone 5 Covers Rainbow Funky abstract Art inspired by tribal artwork iPhone 5 Case Swirling multicolor Abstract tribal iPhone 5 Case by Case-Mate iPhone 5 Cover

Vibrant and lively Funky Abstract art iPhone 5 Case Colorful Abstract Tribal iPhone 5 Case by Case-Mate iPhone 5 Covers

Rainbow Neon Eighties Aztec Navajo Pattern Tribal iPhone case Rainbow Neon Eighties Aztec Tribal Andes Pattern iPhone 5 Cases

. . .

Black and White tribal iphone cases

black and white Tribal pattern iPhone 5 case Black and white Tribal iPhone case The Star in my Sky Black and White swirling Tribal iPhone Case

Black and white tribal butterfly iPhone 5 case Black and white tribal abstract swirls iPhone 5 case Girly Black and white swirling lines iPhone 5 Case

More tribal iphone cases
All the above tribal iphone cases are from Zazzle, made by designers from around the world and are quite rare designs, not found in the shops. However other places you can get tribal iphone cases include Amazon where you can find some great priced iphone cases. Click through on the links to see the tribal iphone cases on Amazon:
Tribal iphone cases on
Tribal iphone cases on

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