Colour Changing Umbrella designs

April 20th, 2016 by

I recently discovered that there’s such a thing as colour changing umbrellas available. They’re umbrellas that change colour when they get wet and then as they dry! When I discovered that I thought it was an incredible cool idea!

Here are a few of my favourites that I spotted when searching to see what magic umbrella options were available on (you can click on the pictures to get to the relevant page on Amazon):

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Floral themed colour changing umbrellas

“Ladies Flower And Tree Design Colour Changing Folding Umbrella”

colour changing umbrella with trees and flowers design

– – –

Cherry Blossom Colour Changing Automatic Umbrella
Changes Colour When Wet from white silhouette to colourful pink flowers

colour changing cherry blossom umbrella - cute and girly Japanese style umbrella with a magical twist

– – –

Raindrop Water Reactive Colour changing Roses from white to pink:

colour changing roses from white when dry to pink when wet - water reactive umbrella

– – –

Poppy flowers that change from white to red when they react with raindrops

poppy flowers umbrella where floral print goes from white to red when it reacts with raindrops

– – –
Rose pattern water reactive umbrella goes from white to colourful in water

– – –

Rainbow themed colour changing umbrellas

You can’t have rainbows without a little rain…
and that’s true for this umbrella where the white clouds magically change into colourful rainbows when the umbrella is wet!

white clouds turn to multicolour rainbows in this colour changing umbrella

– – –

On a similar theme of rainbows coming out when it rains is this colour changing umbrella where the white raindrops show a multicoloured rainbow of colours when wet:

raindrops change colour from white to colourful in this colour changing umbrella

magic colourful multicoloured rainbow umbrella

– – –

Other colour changing umbrellas

Rubber Ducky umbrella where white silhouette becomes coloured in the rain

cool and quirky novelty umbrella gift with colour changing rubber duckies design

– – –

Butterfly pattern that’s white when dry and purple when wet:

magic umbrella with colour changing butterfly pattern from white to purple

– – –

Colour changing Heart pattern umbrella that changes from white to red

magical umbrella that changes colour when wet - hearts go from white to red

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