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Anyone who knows me well knows that of all the animals, amongst my favorites are cute birds (top of the list are the European robin, chickadee and blue tit!). I even have a product range I invented called Chirpy Chums. So when I saw some of these gorgeous fabric bird placemats on Zazzle I liked them straight away!

NB. If you click any of the placemat pictures, they lead to which states the price in American dollars but Zazzle ship internationally. If you switch the “.com” to your country’s address eg “” for British visitors, it will tell you the price for your country.

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Cute Blue tit Bird placemats

Can you see why this bird is one of my favorites? :)

Stylish and Trendy Colorful Blue Tit Bird placemat

Pretty pink contemporary bird placemats:

Elegant and Girly Flower and Pretty Little Bird Placemats

Funky Retro Cartoon Pretty Little Birds and Flowers Placemats

Whimsical Miro inspired Garden with birds flowers and hearts - Pink and black modern art bird Placemat

European Robin Pink Green and Blue Beautiful Bird placemats

The above placemat features my other favorite bird: the European red breasted robin.

Pink Bird placemats

Pink bird silhouettes on a branch - Love birds placemats

This last bird placemat reminds me of the lovely love bird pictures by Yiqi.

Orange Cute & Stylish bird placemats

Flowers and Cute Pretty Retro Birds Placemat

Green Girly Bird Placemats

Retro cute Bird in Cage Tree and hearts green contemporary Placemat

Cute Pink and Green Retro Grunge Floral swirls and contemporary Bird Placemats

Romantic and cute love Birds in a cage green Placemat

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You may also recognise this colorful bird family design which I created a few weeks ago, also available as a placemat:

Bright and Colorful arty Family of birds Placemats

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For more beautiful bird placemats, including cartoony, contemporary and more traditional bird art check out this collection here: Bird placemats

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