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They say that every cloud has a silver lining. What could possibly be a silver lining of getting a cut or graze of some kind? Being able to use cute bandages of course! ^_^

So next time your shoes are irritating the back of your feet, or you find yourself in a papercut emergency, how about using one of these cute bandaids?

. . .

Hello Kitty Bandaids

Hello Kitty bandaids Hello Kitty bandages

Being a big fan of Hello Kitty, I really like these bandaids! Kawaii!

. . .

Cute Cupcake Bandaids

Cute cupcake bandaids Sweet Cupcakes pattern bandaid Cupcake bandages

Want a little sugar to help you feel a bit better? These cute bandaids have all the sugar – zero calories!

. . .

Romantic, Hearts & Hot Lips Bandaids

Hot lips bandaids - sexy lipstick lips bandages Pink and Red Romantic hearts and lips pattern bandaids

Sweet bandaids for girly girls who are romantic at heart.

. . .

Girly Pattern Bandaids

Girly patterned bandaids with pretty patterns for girls Pink Cute bandaids for girly women - polka dot, gingham and heart pattern

Aren’t these bandaids cute? I really like the heart pattern and polka dot bandaids.

. . .

Sparkly Glitter Bandaids!

Glitter stars and strips bandaid

Everything looks better with glitter, even bandaids! These fun bandaids look like a good addition to a first aid kit, and they have an awesomely witty name to boot: “Stars and Strips” glitter bandaids!

. . .

Oops a daisy Bandaids!

Here’s another one with a witty name: Oops a Daisy bandaids, decorated with little daisies! ^_^

oops a daisy bandaids with flower decoration - floral pattern bandages

. . .

Girly Girl Disney Bandaids

Cute Disney fairies bandaids for girly girls Disney Princesses bandaids

Ideal for young girly girls and also those who are young at heart!

. . .

Mickey Mouse Bandaids

Disney Mickey Mouse cute bandaids Mickey mouse bandages for Disney fans

. . .

Cute Smiley Face Waterproof Bandaids

Cute Smiley Face waterproof bandaids

The reviews for these waterproof smiley bandages were outstanding.

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