Floral iphone cases

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floral iphone cases

The classic floral pattern has been popular amongst girls for centuries and it’s still going strong. The soft femininity of flower designs is a fashionable choice of iphone case pattern and one of the leading places to find unique floral iphone cases for your phone is on Zazzle. This article presents some of the most beautiful floral iphone case designs out there. Since the latest iphone release at the time of this article is the iphone 5, the cases below will be for this model but most of the designs you can see below are also available for the iphone 4 if you search for the design on Zazzle. Zazzle ships internationally.

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Colorful floral iphone 5 cases

Colorful Modern Floral iPhone Case Shabby Chic Girly Vintage Floral iPhone 5 Cover Artistic Soft Pastel Colorful Spring Garden Floral iPhone Case

Colorful Contemporary and Girly Pastel Floral iphone case Colorful Flower pattern on black background Floral iPhone Case Colorful Spring Flowers Garden iPhone 5 CaseMate

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Pink floral iphone case designs

I usually associate pink flowers with roses but there are quite a few other pink species in the following floral iphone case designs that are very pretty:

Pretty Pink and blue Floral iPhone Case Pink and Purple Contemporary Floral iPhone 5 Case Large Print Pink and Blue Floral Iphone Case

Personalized Girly Vintage Pink Roses Floral iPhone 5 Cover Personalized Watercolor Pink Floral iPhone Case Pale Pink Roses with white ribbon and bow floral iPhone Cases

Girly Floral Pattern Case Mate Iphone 5 Case Cover Pink and Brown Floral Pattern iPhone 5 Case White and Pink Vintage Floral iPhone 5 Case

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Blue floral iphone cases

I found a *lot* of pretty blue flower pattern iphone cases ranging from vintage styles, Cath Kidston style ones to more contemporary ones.

Vintage Elegant Pink Red Roses Blue floral iPhone Case Vintage roses blue shabby chic rose floral iPhone case Antique Case-Mate Floral iPhone Case

Pastel Blue Shabby Chic Roses floral iPhone 5 Cover Dark Blue and Cream Floral iPhone Case Pastel Aqua Blue Shabby Chic Country and Girly floral iPhone case

Spring Vintage Blue Roses iPhone 5 Covers Shabby Chic Girly Blue Floral iPhone Cases Pretty Pink Roses on baby blue Floral iPhone Case

Nautical Navy Blue Sailor Stripes and Pink Rose flower decoration floral iPhone Cases Dark Blue Roses floral pattern and girly white ribbon bow iPhone Case Summery Pastel Blue Sailor Stripes and Roses Girly iPhone Case

Spring flowers girly mod chic floral pattern iPhone 5 case Vintage floral swirls damask + bird iphone 5 case Girly Aqua Pattern Case Mate Iphone 5 Case Cover

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Red Floral iphone cases

I love how the color red is so bold and vibrant, and this also applies to red flowers as seen on these iphone cases:

vintage Red Rose flower pattern iPhone case Orange Red and Blue Girly Vintage Floral Case iPhone Case Delicate Spring Vintage Red Rose pattern iPhone Case

Floral Vintage Shabby Red Roses flower pattern iPhone Cover Blue, White Polka Dots and Red Flowers iPhone 5 Cases Personalized Red Poppy Flowers - poppies floral iPhone 5 Cases

Red and Gold Floral Oriental style iPhone 5 Case Poppy Simplicity iPhone 5 Cover red roses iPhone 5 case

. . .

Green Floral iphone cases

I tend to associate green hues with freshness and life, as is the case with these green flowery iphone cases.

Pink Roses on pastel green floral iPhone case Green Fresh and Fancy Floral iPhone Case Green and Orange Vintage Floral Design iPhone Cases

. . .

White floral iphone cases

White flowers always remind me of purity and freshness!

Spring White Daisies and Ladybugs dairy floral iPhone 5 case Personalized macro photography of white flower petals Floral iPhone 5 Case-Mate Elegant Japanese Floral Pattern iPhone 5 case

Dark vintage floral iphone case designs

Sleek and stylish black floral iphone cases go with elegant eveningwear as well as with everyday occasions.

Black Romantic Vintage Roses Beautiful Floral iPhone Case Elegant Vintage Floral Rose iPhone Case iPhone 5 Cover Elegant vintage floral iPhone case

Pink Roses on dark brown black floral iPhone Case Dark Tropicalia Flowers iPhone 5 Case Personalized hot pink flowers on black floral iPhone case

Armenian-inspired Swirling Floral Pattern - Black iPhone 5 Cases Vintage Pink And Yellow Floral Pattern iPhone 5 Case Black and White Floral Swirls iPhone 5 Cover

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