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There are lots of cute iphone cases made by Disney that are available in the official Disney shop on Zazzle and also on Amazon. Here are some of my favorite cute and girly Disney iphone cases:

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Little Mermaid Disney iphone cases

Little Mermaid iphone 4 cases

Ariel and Castle - The Little Mermaid Disney iPhone Case for the iphone 4 cute Little Mermaid as a human in princess dress Disney iphone case Ariel from The Little Mermaid Disney iphone case

For more Little Mermaid iphone 4 cases on Amazon.com (USA) click here

For more Little Mermaid iphone 4 cases on Amazon.co.uk click here

Little Mermaid Disney iphone 5 cases

Ariel Little Mermaid Disney iphone 5 case Little Mermaid Ariel iphone case for iphone 5 Ariel in a seashell Disney iphone case from The Little Mermaid

Click here for more Little Mermaid iphone 5 cases on Amazon.com

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Disney’s Cinderella iphone cases

Beautiful Blue Cinderella Disney Princess iPhone case aqua blue sketch drawing of cinderella disney iphone case elegant girly and stylish cinderella slipper heeled shoe disney iphone case

Click here for more Cinderella themed iphone cases on Amazon.com

Click here for Cinderella iphone cases on Amazon.co.uk

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Snow White Disney iphone cases

Snow White Princess Disney iPhone Case snow white iphone case with her holding the apple logo snow white and the apple disney iphone case

More Snow White iphone cases on Amazon.com
Snow White iphone cases on Amazon.co.uk

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Beauty and the Beast Disney iphone cases

Beauty and the Beast has got to be one of my all-time favorite Disney movies and Belle is amongst my favorite Disney heroines!

Belle Princess from Beauty and the Beast Disney iPhone Case beauty and the beast disney iphone case Disney Belle and the Beast Disney iphone 4 case

Click here for more Beauty and the Beast iphone cases on Amazon.com

Click here for Beauty and the Beast iphones on Amazon.co.uk

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Aladdin Disney iphone cases

Jasmine Princess from Aladdin Disney iPhone Case a whole new world Aladdin movie scene Disney iphone case Disney Aladdin iphone case

More Aladdin Disney iphone cases on Amazon.com here

Click here for Aladdin iphone cases on Amazon.co.uk
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Tangled Rapunzel Disney iphone cases
For the iphone 4:

Tangled Rapunzel Princess Disney iPhone case Disney Tangled Rapunzel iphone 4 case pretty blue Tangled scene with lanterns Rapunzel Disney iphone case

More Tangled iphone cases on Amazon.com

Tangled iphone cases on Amazon.co.uk

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Princesses Disney iphone cases

Disney princess iphone 4 cases

Pink Disney Princesses iPhone 4 Case hot pink and girly princesses of disney iphone case for the iphone 4 Blue Princesses Disney iPhone Case

More Disney princess themed iphone 4 cases on Amazon.com

(At the time this article was written, no results came up on Amazon.co.uk)

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There are a lot more girly and cute Disney characters aside from the Disney princesses which you can decorate your iphone with including these beloved Disney characters:
- Minnie Mouse iphone cases
- Mickey Mouse iphone cases
- Tinkerbell iphone cases
- Winnie the Pooh iphone cases

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