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2017 Update: Seems amazon local has closed down now and Amazon Tickets is currently working in its place. But for posterity, I shall leave below the now out-of-date article that was applicable in 2015.

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Today I received an email from Amazon letting me know that they have an “Amazon Local” service that previous I had not heard about. I had a look at to check out exactly what it is, and turns out that Amazon has branched out yet again (past expansions including the invention of the Kindle, and the introduction of Amazon Prime’s video-streaming programme); expanding beyond selling books, food, clothing, electronics and other products, to also selling tickets for theatre shows, sporting events, festivals, concerts, restaurant / hotel deals, courses for learning different skills, therapeutic treatments (from massage to pedicures and reflexology) and other “experience days”!

Here’s a screenshot of what the site looks like: (click for full-sized image)
amazon local

Personally as someone who really loves going to a musical or show occasionally, I’m most excited about the fact that they’re selling theatre tickets in London where I live, in the West End, and the prices as far as I can tell look ridiculously cheap compared to other websites where I normally buy my tickets. Here’s a link to their West End shows page:

Screenshot of the West End part of their site: (click for full-sized image)
amazon local west end shows deals

I think it’s pretty cool how much Amazon is growing beyond it’s humble origins as a book seller, and making the world of online shopping so much easier by providing a one stop shop for so many different things, without having to worry about setting up a gazillion accounts on loads of different websites.

Anyway! I just wanted to blog about this revelation since it was news to me that this existed and may be useful news for you too! :)

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