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Chipmunk Gifts

Julia and I are both members of the awesome print-on-demand website, Zazzle, where designers gather to share and sell their arty creations. Sometimes I like to browse through the site as a source of inspiration to see what other wonderful things other creatives are making. Quite early on in my time on Zazzle, I came across Meg Stewart’s photography work. Meg has a lot of beautiful photos but my favorites are her awesomely cute and cuddly chipmunk photography pieces. Or as she might call them, the photos of her “Furballs of Happiness”! :D

Here are some of my absolute favorite chipmunk photography images by Meg. They are all available on a wide array of products for all your chipmunk gifts needs. Click on the pictures to see what kind of products these photos can be found on.

. . .

Chipmunk kiss
Kissing Baby Chipmunks Card

I think this would make an awesome Valentine’s day card or just a cute gift for chipmunk and animal fans.

. . .

Birthday Chipmunk gifts
cute chipmunk on a birthday eating cake - bday celebration photography
How adorable would this be as a birthday card? ^_^ Did you notice the chipmunk even has some icing on his nose? hehe

. . .
Baking chipmunk photography
Little Chef Chipmunk Card
I think this would make a great gift for those who like to whip things up in the kitchen and also have a fondness for the fuzzy and furry! It’s available as an adorable recipe binder and as a fridge magnet with measurement conversions to help you whilst you’re cooking and baking.

Cute Little Chef Chipmunk 1.5" Recipe Binder Little Baker Chipmunk Measurements Premium Magnet

. . .

Gardening chipmunk:
Gardening chipmunk gifts

. . .

Coffee Loving Chipmunk:
Funny Coffee love chipmunk photography - Bring me more coffee  and no one gets hurt

. . .

There’s even a Christmas Chipmunk photo selection!

Santa baby chipmunks print

. . .

For more cute chipmunk photography check out Meg’s Zazzle shop here:
The Chipmunk Cafe.

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  1. Posted on June 13th, 2012 @ 22:32 | Caro* said:

    C’est trop mignon, vraiment adorable :)

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