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Today I was checking my Amazon associates account to see what affiliate sales had gathered over there, and I saw that one of the items someone had bought was a set of very quirky and funny eye glasses holders. These ones to be precise:

funny eyeglasses holders

Prior to seeing this item pop up on my affiliate sales page I hadn’t realised these existed! I guess these could be useful for opticians to display some of their eyeglasses, but it could also be used at home as a fun and cool way to place your glasses to one side and always know where you put them!

Curious to see if there were any prettier, girly eyeglasses holders that suited my taste better, I found a range of fun eyeglasses holders. Admittedly, with the exception of the high-heeled shoe eyeglasses holders which you’ll see below, most of them aren’t exactly pretty and girly but they are fun, so I’d like to share them with you.

. . .

Super cute little “eyebods”
Without a doubt these are my favorite eyeglass holders for pure cuteness factors. They’re called eyebods and they look a little something like this:

funny and cute green eyebod character eyeglass holder sweet cartoon little people eyeglass holders

pink eyebod eyeglasses stand - made by Streamline colorful eyebod eyeglass stands - adorable little characters

The above are from Amazon.com. Click here to find eyebods on Amazon.co.uk.

Amazon.co.uk also had this sweet robot eyeglass holder which is a similar idea:

clear cute robot eyeglasses holder

. . .

Girly Shoe Eyeglasses Holders

black gingham stylish high heel shoe eyeglasses holder glamorous leopard print high heeled shoe eyeglasses holder

pretty and girly blue high heel shoe eyeglasses holder cute pink high heel shoe eyeglasses holder

. . .

Animal eyeglasses holders

From Amazon.co.uk:

cute snoopy dog eyeglasses holder cute hello kitty cat eyeglasses holder

kawaii hello kitty eyeglass stand UK UK eye glasses holder of snoopy the dog

fun zebra cartoon animal figurine eyeglasses holder duck eyeglasses holder

. .

From Amazon.com:

funny owl eyeglasses holder funny and unique wooden boxer dog eyeglasses holder

quirky office accessories - horse eyeglasses holder funny and cute dog eyeglasses holder

doggy desk accessories for people with spectacles sweet dog desk accessory gifts for people who wear glasses

. . .

Humorous characters eyeglasses holders

angel figurine eyeglasses holder

humorous fat beach girl figurine in bikini eyeglasses holder funny nurse cartoon figurine eyeglasses holder

. . .

Mustache eyeglasses holder

From Amazon.co.uk:

mustache eyeglasses holder

Click here to see a mustache glasses holder on Amazon.com

. . . . .

For more eyeglasses holders click here for US visitors and here for UK visitors.

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