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I love it when practical, functional things are made with a touch of girly cuteness, and this is exactly the case for these cute nail files which come in an array of girly patterns. Check these out!

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Glitter & Sparkles Nail files

I was super excited to see you can get sparkly nail files! Very cute!


Rainbow and Silver Sparkly Nail files

And just as sparkly are these Swarovski Crystal nail files from

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Polka dot pattern mini emery boards has this match-book sized selection of cute polka dot pattern nail files:

cute Polka dot nail files has Cath Kidston’s polka dot emery boards available:

Cath Kidston polka dot pastel colored nail files

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Flowery Nail Files


Flowery nail files - pink and white by Avon

Bright and  colorful Groovy flowery nail filesPink Flowery Nail File - Hawaiian Style Floral Pattern Delicate girly flower design floral nail files

Yellow flower pattern emery boards Chinese style floral design nail files Flower design nail files

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and from

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Pink Nail Files

Pink nail file Purse sized Pink nail files Cute Pink heart pattern nail file

Sweet Pink hearts and chihuahua dog nail file - ay chihuahua! Pink ForPro emery boards

(Click on the one you like to be taken to its page)

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Animal print nail files

From (USA)

Animal print nail files: Hot pink zebra and Yellow leopard spots Funky Zebra Print Nail File

For UK readers, there are also a few animal print emery boards available on which you can see if you click here:
Zebra & Leopard print nail file
Wild Nail File – Pink Leopard

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Sweets & Cupcake pattern nail files


Cupcake pattern nail file Cupcakes and Ice cream cones nail file pattern

(Also available on which you can view by clicking here)

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Cute & Girly surfboard emery boards

Hot Pink Surf board shaped nail file Cool design: Turquoise and Yellow Surfboard Nail File

I’m a huge fan of creative design, so when I saw these, I was immediately impressed by the creativity of whoever thought of the idea that nail files looks a bit like surf boards! What a cool idea!

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Other cool patterns for emery boards

Wide array of cool patterns on emery boards Cute pattern nail files Cute and colorful dots and circles pattern emery boards Color gradient high quality crystal emery board - a nail file with great reviews & recommendations

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