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Hi everyone!

In my last post I mentioned that I’ve been watching beauty vlogs lately on youtube, and that made me think that it could be fun to give you a list of some of my favorite girly fashion and beauty youtubers that I would recommend. In no particular order (since they’re all equally awesome!), here goes!

1. Zoella
::Link to her channel on youtube::

The Zoella youtube channel is run by the lovely British youtuber, Zoe Sugg, and has almost 5 million subscribers at the time that I’m writing this post. She does all sorts of videos including clothing hauls where she shows some fashion inspiration on the market right now, make-up vlogs, hair styling vlogs and some just fun, silly vlogs too. She also has some “day-in-the-life” style videos up on her other channel, MoreZoella, which I also enjoy watching.

2. Sprinkle of Glitter
::Link to her channel on youtube::

I really love the videos by Louise, owner of the youtube channel “Sprinkle of Glitter”. She has a fun-spirited channel full of all sorts of videos including Beauty videos and Lookbooks that are particularly helpful for those of us who are fuller figured. I’ll be honest though, the main reason I love watching Louise’s videos is because of her awesome personality and her adorable little girl, “Baby Glitter” (aka Darcy) who is often featured in her more casual, family-vlogging channel, Sprinkle of Chatter.

3. Tanya Burr
::Link to her channel on youtube::

Tanya Burr is a trained make-up artist who makes youtube videos full of fantastic cosmetics suggestions. I really trust her advice on make-up since she always looks amazing! Her videos strike me as professional, friendly and useful.

4. Frilly + Fancy
::Link to her channel on youtube::

This youtube channel is run by Kalel, who’s taste in clothes I *really* love. She always dresses so pretty in her videos and has had great recommendations in her videos for things like perfumes and make-up too. She has really high quality videos so I’d recommend checking them out.

5. Fleur de Force
::Link to her channel on youtube::

Finally, Fleur de Force is another British Beauty vlogger with some handy tips on fashion, beauty and other girly products.

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