Romantic Art: Love Bird Pictures

May 28th, 2012 by

There’s just something about love bird pictures which really captivates me and brings out the girly romantic in me! So when I saw these colorful love bird silhouette paintings by Yiqi of QiQi Gallery, I immediately loved them!

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Romantic art: “Love Birds on Branches” painting

romantic art: love bird picture

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Love Birds Painting: “Over the Rainbow”
Colorful paintings: Love Bird Images

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Love Bird Art: “Forever”
Love bird art: "Forever" - birds sitting in tree silhouettes on sky blue background

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Romantic Love Birds Painting:
“Red Leaves, Dragonflies and Love Birds”

Romantic Love Birds Painting

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Love Birds Pictures:
“Love Birds on a Wire”

Love Birds on a wire picture

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YiQi’s paintings are painted in professional grade acrylics or oils on stretched canvas

You can see more of Yiqi’s art or purchase it here at the QiQi Gallery on Etsy.

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