Unique Ring Holders

June 17th, 2012 by

Unique Ring Holders

I sometimes find myself in the dilemma of not wanting to put my rings away in drawers and jewelry boxes because I know I’ll wear them in the coming days, yet when I leave them out on my vanity desk, it looks kinda messy! The solution? Ring holders!

Here are some cute, creatively designed and unique ring holders available on Amazon.

. . .
Princess Crown Ring Holders
Silver Princess Crown Ring Holder Cute Silver Ring Holder Crown

. . .
Shoe Ring Holders

Girly High Heel Shoe Ring Holder Brown Peek Toe Stiletto Shoe Ring Holder Black and Silver Zebra Print High Heel Shoe Ring Holder

. . .
Couch Ring Holders

Girly Pink and Black polka dot couch Ring Holder Turquoise Fancy Chaise Longes couch Ring Holder Black Leopard Print Stylish Couch Ring Holder

Chic Girly Animal Print Ring Holder Couch Black Elegant Ring Holder Couch / Sofa

. . .
Animal Ring Holders

Elephant Ring Holders:

Silver Elephant Ring Holder Silver Elephant Trunk Cool Ring Holder

. .
Giraffe Ring Holder:

Cute Silver Giraffe Ring Holder

. .
Cat Ring Holders:

Silver Kitty Cat Ring Holder Stretching Cat Figurine Jewelry / Ring Holder Colorful Cat ring holders

. .
Bird Ring Holders

Elegant Silver Swan Neck Ring Holder Peacock Ring Holder

. .
Dog Ring Holders:

Silver Dog Ring Holder Unique Silver Ring Holder Dog

. .
Bunny Rabbit Ring Holders

Silver bunny rabbit ring holder

. . .
Other Cool Ring Holders

Unique Silver Umbrella Ring Holder and Jewelry Dish Silver Jack / Asterisk Star Ring Holder Silver Bathtub Jewelry / Ring Dish

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