Glitter iphone cases

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Glitter iphone cases are a really cute way to accessorize your iphones. They add a bit of girly glitz to your day every time you set eyes on your phone!

There are several types of glitter iphone case products on the market ranging from sparkly glitter fabric cases to fake-glitter photo cases which are less messy and possibly more durable.

Here are some of the glitter iphone cases available:

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The following are actual-glitter iphone 5 cases from

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Pink glitter iphone cases

Hot pink glitter iphone case Girly Hot pink sparkles and glitter bling iphone case light pink glam and girly glitter iphone cases

Pandamimi iphone 5 case - Deluxe Rose Pink Diamond Rhinestone Glitter Bling Chrome Hard Case Cover for Apple iPhone 5 5G + Screen Protector + Stylus BoxWave Glamour & Glitz Apple iPhone 5 Case - Slim Snap-On Glitter Case, Fun Colorful Sparkle Case for your Apple iPhone 5! - Apple iPhone 5 Cases and Covers (Princess Pink) girly hot pink glitter iphone case

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Purple Glitter and Sparkles iphone cases

Purple Glitter and Sparkles iphone case purple glitter iphone case purple glittery and sparkly iphone cases

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Blue Glitter iphone cases

baby blue glitter iphone case stylish and glamorous girly dark blue glitter iphone case for iphone 5 royal blue glitter iphone case

cute bling heart on blue glitter iphone case 5

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Silver sparkly glitter iphone cases

silver grey sparkly glitter iphone case bling iphone case Bling Glitter Hard Case Cover Skin For iPhone 5

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Gold Glitter iphone cases

light gold / champagne glitter iphone case gold glitter iphone case gold bling sparkles and glitter iphone case

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Black glitter iphone case products

Black glitter iphone case rhinstones bling and black glitter iphone 5 case sleek and stylish classic black sparkling glitter iphone case for iphone 5

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Glitter Leopard Print Bling iphone cases

Glitter Leopard Print Bling iphone case Luxury Designer Bling Crystal Leopard Cheetah Fur Hard Case Cover for Apple IPhone 4 4S New Stylish Bling Glitter Leopard Design Hard Case Cover For Apple iPhone 5 Silver

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Do note that since these are photos of glitter printed onto an iphone case, these cases will not sparkle like the actual-glitter iphone cases shown above.

Here are some of the faux glitter iphone cases available on Zazzle:

Hot Pink faux glitter iphone cases:
Pink Glitter Rhinestone Leopard BLING Case iPhone 5 Case Baby Pink/White Glitter iPhone 5 Cover Keep Calm and Sparkle Glitter LookLike iPhone 5 Cover Faux Hot Pink Glitter iPhone 5 Case

Keep Calm and Sparkle Glitter LookLike Rainbow iPhone 5 Cases Pink and Purple Abstract Glitter Photo Print iPhone 5 Case Pink glitters iPhone 5 cover Faux Hot pink Sparkles & Glitter - Glam & Girly iPhone 5 Case

Purple faux-glitter iphone 5 cases:

Purple Glitter look iPhone 5 Cases Purple Glitter iPhone 5 Case Purple Glimmer iPhone 5 Case Faux Purple Glitter iPhone 5 Cover

Cream / White / Pale Faux-Glitter iphone cases
Faux Sparkles & Glitter Cream iphone 5 case White Subtle Bokeh Sparkle Glitter iPhone 5s Case iPhone 5 Cases Get your Sparkle on faux glitter iphone 5 case White Gold Glitter iPhone 5 Covers

Blue faux-glitter iphone cases

Faux Blue Glitter iPhone 5 Cover Baby Blue/White Glitter iPhone 5 Cover Blue Glitter iPhone Case sparkle iPhone 5 Cover Blue glitter iPhone 5 cases

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