Hello Kitty USB Flash Drives

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Hello Kitty - cute Clouds poster

Hello Kitty is one of my favorite cute characters (or as you’d say in Japan, kawaii!). Everything about her is sweet: the fact that she’s so round that it makes you want to hug her, her beautiful smooth snow-white fur, her little bow and even some of the facts about her that most people don’t know about, like that Wikipedia describes her height as five apples and her weight as three apples! ^_^

Although she was invented in the 1970s, Hello Kitty has moved with the times and can now also be found on the most high-tech of equipment. Yes, there are even Hello Kitty USB flash drives now so that even something as ordinary as saving your work can be sprinkled with a touch of kawaii!

Here are some of the cutest Hello kitty flash drives out there:

Pink Hello Kitty Pen Drives
Pink Hello Kitty USB drives
1. Rosey Pink Hello kitty 4GB USB flash drive
2. Bright Pink Hello Kitty 8GB USB Flash Drive

. . .

Crystals & Bling Hello Kitty USB flash drives
Hello Kitty Crystal & Bling USB sticks
1.Silver & Crystal Hello Kitty 8GB flash memory drive
2. Gold & Crystal Hello Kitty 4GB USB
3. White and Pink Hello Kitty 1GB USB with diamonte kitty

. . .

Other Colors of Hello Kitty USB sticks:
Purple, Yellow & Blue Hello Kitty USB flash drives

1. Purple Hello Kitty USB (4GB)
2. Yellow Hello Kitty pen drive (4GB)
3. Baby Blue Hello Kitty flash drive (4GB)

. . .

Red Hello Kitty USB drives:
Red Hello Kitty USB flash drives
1. Red 3D Hello Kitty USB figurine (4GB)
2. 2D Red Hello Kitty USB stick (2GB)
3. Red rectangular Hello Kitty USB (8GB)
4. Cute Hello Kitty inside an apple costume USB drive (8GB)

. . .

MIMOBOT Hello Kitty USB drives:
Hello Kitty mimibot USB drives
1. Mimobot Hello Kitty with teddy bear USB (4GB)
2. Hello Kitty in a field of tulips Mimobot USB (4GB)
3. Hello Kitty in Kitty hat mimobot USB (4GB)
4. Hello Kitty flying with Teddy bear balloon USB (4GB)
5. Nerdy / Hipster Hello Kitty USB (8GB)

. . .

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