Cat Clock Home Decor Ideas

April 28th, 2023 by

Below are some cute cat clocks for home decor ideas. You can click the picture of the clock to go to the shop that sells it.

Cute & Funny Cat Clocks
On novelty clock websites like Zazzle you can find some unique cute and funny cat clocks that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. You can clock on the product photos below to be taken to the product’s purchase page on Zazzle (available for purchase internationally).

Funny Cat Clock Kitten Playing with Clock Hands

Adorable Sweet Cat Clock Kitten Looking up at Clock Hands

Cute Cat Clock Kitten Touching Clock Hands

Vintage Cat Clock - Grey and white Persian Cat looks at the time hands on wall clock classic black and white cat clock

– – –

Classic Retro Kit Cat Clocks

Even if you haven’t heard of a “Kit Cat Clock”, you’ve probably seen one before! These are retro style wall clocks shaped like a cat, with cat clock eyes that move, moving eyes and moving tail pendulum with every tick. It is often considered a vintage cat clock since it was first created in 1932, invented in the USA by Clifford Stone. These days, you can find the Kit-Cat Klock on Amazon. Here are some options from Amazon USA: (You can click on the photo to get to the Amazon listing).

classic retro kit cat clock

red cat clock pink kitcat cat clock vintage white cat clock - retro moving eyes and tail

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Felix Cat Clock
Very similar to the Kit Cat Clock is the Felix the Cat Clock, which can also be found on Amazon. (Click the photo to see it on Amazon).

Black Felix the Cat Clock Pink Felix Cat Clock

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Allen Designs Cat Clocks

The Brand Allen Designs also has great whimsical, humorous cat clocks that often have a girly edge, with flowers and fun colors. Here are some examples you can find on Amazon. Click here or on the photo to be taken to the relevant page on For UK visitors, here’s the link to Allen Designs Cat Clocks on Amazon UK

Allen Designs Cat clock with Swinging Pendulum - Pretty floral Kitty Cat with pink flowers

Fun Cat Clock by Allen Designs orange striped kitty with flower in bird

Mermaid Cat Clock by Allen Designs - Funny Mercat half feline half fish sea nautical kitty

Pink Allen Designs Cat Clock

– – –

Spartus Cat Clock

Another popular cat clock is the Spartus cat clock. You can usually find them on places like ebay since they’re vintage, but you can find similar looking clocks on Amazon too such as the one below.

spartus cat clock

Cute mousepads

March 18th, 2013 by

Mousepads can be a girly desk accessory that can bring a touch of cheer and cuteness to your desk. Here is a selection of some of my favorite picks of cute mousepads from and

(NB Whilst is only for US customers, Zazzle ships internationally. To view the prices of items on Zazzle in your country’s currency, change the URL from to your country’s suffix, e.g. If you’re a UK visitor be sure to visit to see what cute mousepads they have on offer.)

Click on the mousepad you like to see it in more detail.


Floral Animal Silhouettes

June 3rd, 2012 by

Today I discovered the beautiful work of artist Jane Purcell who specializes in floral animal silhouettes and other pretty floral designs. Jane even does personalized custom pet silhouette floral prints, which I thought was a fantastically original and thoughtful gift idea!

. . .

Jane’s pet silhouette floral prints

Floral dog silhouettes:

Floral pet portrait dog silhouette PRETTY POMERANIAN  - floral dog silhouette art

Hello Kitty USB Flash Drives

May 16th, 2012 by

Pink Hello Kitty USB drives

Hello Kitty - cute Clouds poster

Hello Kitty is one of my favorite cute characters (or as you’d say in Japan, kawaii!). Everything about her is sweet: the fact that she’s so round that it makes you want to hug her, her beautiful smooth snow-white fur, her little bow and even some of the facts about her that most people don’t know about, like that Wikipedia describes her height as five apples and her weight as three apples! ^_^

Although she was invented in the 1970s, Hello Kitty has moved with the times and can now also be found on the most high-tech of equipment. Yes, there are even Hello Kitty USB flash drives now so that even something as ordinary as saving your work can be sprinkled with a touch of kawaii!

Here are some of the cutest Hello kitty flash drives out there: (more…)

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