Floral Animal Silhouettes

June 3rd, 2012 by

Today I discovered the beautiful work of artist Jane Purcell who specializes in floral animal silhouettes and other pretty floral designs. Jane even does personalized custom pet silhouette floral prints, which I thought was a fantastically original and thoughtful gift idea!

. . .

Jane’s pet silhouette floral prints

Floral dog silhouettes:

Floral pet portrait dog silhouette PRETTY POMERANIAN  - floral dog silhouette art

A girly equestrian

May 14th, 2012 by

All my life I lived with pets, always with a dog or cat, sometimes with a dog and a cat under the same roof. These little animals are always there for you. They give you love and make the day look happier and funnier. And that was my vision of pets, nothing more than a dog or a cat. I never thought of having a little bird, because despite all its beauty, I’d rather see them flying high on the sky. The little mice always looked cute, there were moments when I truly wished for one, but it really never attached to my mind.


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